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Join us online for a 2 hour webinar and discussion from 3pm-5pm AEST Wednesday 26th October 2022


Addiction is a common coping mechanism for many people. However, it brings problems to families.

Dr Phil Watts will discuss gambling, internet porn, and drugs (especially methamphetamine) as to the impacts on separated families and then discuss the common factors to all addiction.

Dr Phil Watts is a well-known forensic psychologist from Western Australia who has over 30 years’ experience in family law. He has been Single Expert Witness in over 2000 cases. You may have read his book “Shared Care or Divided Lives: What’s Best for Children When Parents Separate”. He is also the author of “How to Find Love and Not a Psycho”. With titles like these you can be confident he is a dynamic presenter with great sense of humour. He is frequent presenter both nationally and internationally on wide variety of topics. The extent of his knowledge varies from expert evidence, to assessing families, risk assessment, ethics, pornography, drugs, sleep issue or dealing with difficult people.


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